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About Me

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Ratemytrait is dedicated to making communication easy, fluent, and fun to ease out the tension. It is an always-on platform for people who want to connect to diverse culture and communicate with like-minded people across the globe. We help to make innovative, beautiful, lively communication to empower the human relationship across boundaries and enable people to have the connection with individuals having common interests. We are a group of highly motivated individuals who would like to make communication an enjoyable, fun experience instead of people avoiding it. We want people around the world come together and never hesitate to converse with each other, be it through text or voice messages. Successful communication is gold, and it can heal personal as well as societal issues. We feel and strongly believe that when you like somebody, you must know him/her properly and communication makes it possible. There is no wrong communication when it comes to knowing people. We feel it is cool when people communicated and start loving each other’s company. So our platform only enables each other to send messages when interest is shown from both sides. Our platform allows the users to post their photos and all the users of the website can rate it as per their feelings and wish. So you will get a real-time evaluation of your face and personality from the people across the globe.